Welcome to my site: Your journey here to my site is not by chance.  You are likely seeking help for yourself, a spouse or partner, possibly a family member or friend. People seek my counseling/therapy services because they want help creating a better life.  Today can be your new day of beginnings in the journey from suffering to recovering hope, direction, peace and serenity. Now, let me give you a little background information about myself.  Through the years I have worked with a diverse population of persons who have been carrying a number of different burdens. I have been in the field of mental health since 1992.  Prior to that time I was in the pastoral ministry for 20 years.  I love working with people and want to help them help themselves.  If for any reason I am not able to afford for you the counseling/therapy you need or desire, I would provide for you an appropriate referral. Let me say a few things about the clinical work.  There are a variety of modalities available to counselors/therapists today.  I incorporate various theories and techniques depending on the needs of each individual client.  I have training in Family Systems, chemical addictions, process/behavioral addictions, trauma work, cognitive behavioral, Motivational Interviewing – strategies and techniques, skill building tools, communication assessment and skills as well as others.  I am genuinely committed to finding just the right tools to use to address each person's unique situation and history. Studies have shown that it is not just the modality or tools that create the change.  The client / therapist relationship is of utmost importance. Clients also need a safe, trusting, secure environment to openly and safely address the issues they face.  Thus, that is why I invest so much energy making sure that all my clients feel empowered and safe in our therapeutic relationship. I provide individual, couple, family and adolescent counseling.   I also provide spiritual direction to those clients who are interested in understanding and deepening their spiritual lives. I invite you to explore additional information about all these parts of my practice on the pages of this website. Please call me for an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings, Floyd

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